Bingo has been a game which has been played since time immemorial. Bingo in the earlier times used to be played to being the family together. Then it was aimed at bringing a locality under one roof and now it brings the world closer. The advent of the internet has taken bingo into the online space and this in turn saw hundreds of online bingo sites coming up. Also the land based bingo companies made their presence felt in the online sphere.

Among all the online bingo sites the one we thought would be great for you guys to invest in is, GameVillage Bingo. This site was launched in 2007 and used to operate on the their proprietary software until October 2014 when the site under went a facelift. We saw a brighter and stylish bingo site. Not only this, they added the 80 ball bingo and also moved on from their proprietary software and started operating on Cozy Games. However we are sure you guys are wondering whether this move of using Cozy Games has removed the uniqueness of the or not. Well the answer is an easy no. In GameVillage Bingo you would still find the unique games and the rooms which are not available anywhere else. Also we saw that their promotions are absolutely exclusive to the site and these makes them a notch above the others.

It’s your lucky day. All off the kids are out of the house and the wife is off doing something. And that means that you can enjoy real money online casino games and have a blast at AllSlots with these Canadian choices.

Celebrate Christmas the best possible way. Simply play this special game in their 90 Super Room on 28th December 2014 at 12am and you could win the fixed pot prize of £2000. Special cashback offers from the 1st to the 31st of December. All you have to do is deposit between 3pm to 5pm and you would receive a 10% cashback in Bingo Bonus. Want more of the santa fun? then wager on “Santa in town” slot game and if you win more than £100 in a single bet, then your casino bonus would be topped up with the same amount. For this festive season they have something called the super hour . The top 25 players who win Top of the Hour games until 31st December will share £1000.

You can even like them on Facebook and walk away with £3 or be a depositing player on your birthday month get an extra £5 along with your welcome bonus and play bingo as much as you want.

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