Did you know that the standard bingo in North America (U.S. and Canada) is played with 75 balls, while the standard game of bingo in the UK (and Europe), Australia and New Zealand tend to play with 90 balls ? With both forms of internet bingo game (and some new forms) can be played anywhere, but the origins of these two types of bingo called back to 16th Century. The story of this game, with its origins in the lottery, showing how the two forms developed in different ways.
To find the origins of bingo as a game, we have to return to the beginning of the lottery is one of the oldest Italian game files “Lo Giuoco del Lotto” at the beginning of the 16th Century – the game (a kind of national managed government lottery) still played today and acquaintances lottery players select numbers format then expect to be compensated by lot.

Lottery games spread across Europe to change and evolve, with lotteries appeared in England in the late 16th Century. In the 18th Century bingo games appeared. The main difference between a lottery and a game of bingo is a toss may choose their numbers, but with Bingo, you will receive a card with preprinted numbers. therefore generally bingo is a game to run faster (for example, more than one game per night), while a lottery to operate for a longer time period as possible (eg, weekly). its course is considerable overlap between the parties.
This leads to the development of the traditional game of 90 ball bingo. In the late 19th Century (1880), the modern game of 90 ball bingo (although not generally known bingo) and Germany arrived and begins to reach and influence the different types of bingo lottery games played in England that the Navy British and traveled back games like bingo. So, in 1900 in England, a game called Lotto, Housey Housey or raffle is played with the same rules as we do today and 90 ball bingo.

The name bingo was created at the time of the Second World War, but the game was still called Housey Housey in the military (eg, the Royal Navy, as mentioned above).
Meanwhile, the United States lottery games where style and became a general European style lottery games and lottery game for children in the early 20th century, with adjustments. A version of this game called “Beano” was popular at carnivals around the 1920s. It was with beans as markers on the map (like bingo) and played to the players as “beano when your pattern or combination of this carnival game had the characteristics of what is now a 75 Ball Bingo -. Around 75 balls numbered or tokens for the draw and the quadratic map for players.
He invented the modern form of the bingo ball 75 was (and the name of “Bingo”) by Edwin Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, 1929. He visited a carnival game where the aforementioned “Beano” was played and looked like someone yelled “bingo” instead of Beano when your employer or combination.

He sold the game, and sells a wide range of toys and chose the name “Bingo”. Moreover, the game and as approved under appropriate conditions, contributing to its rapid spread and subsequent popularity.
These days with all the bingo on the Internet, where they are (if you have the Internet) has the ability to play 75-ball and 90 ball bingo – and other variants like 80 ball bingo jackpots and network issues. However, the most popular bingo who have a history in the “real world” with 90 popular bingo popular dance in the UK and the ball 75 in the U.S. and so on. Can long traditional bingo, and all so much!

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