Bluffing in poker is a tactical game that you use when you do not have a very good hand. Basically bet or raise to try to convince the other players believe that you have a strong hand and bending them, even if they have better hands. Bluffing is an essential skill that you start practicing, even if you are a beginner in free poker sites online. If you change your poker game room that you want to live.

Why do you need a lamp?
First, you earn with letters that are not so great.
Secondly, and I think most importantly, you can bluff (and losing), so that you can bluff and win big pots later when you have the best hand.

In other words, not even useful cliffs since. Opponents call it, if you have good cards to carry But we must balance: if too bluff, your opponent will always be your bet and you lose your money. On the other hand, if you never bluff, if you have a good hand and lift the pot, your opponents time and only win small pots.

But if you can do things with lantern and the right frequency, you are sure of your opponents and make bad decisions.
Ways to improve your poker skills Bluff:

1) Be careful when bluffing in racing games. Limit on the tables, you can do the same and your opponents can simply call your bet in a game of No Limit Texas Holdem.
2) Investigate other players. If you are at a table with very good players, your chances of winning are greater than a table with some.
This is because strong players against opponents paris, and have a good discipline to fold their cards, with an average hand.
Weaker players that get no, I do not think you’re lying, you can you can call or just out of curiosity.
3) Try to build a reputation in the table. Make your opponents unsure of his movements at all times.
For example, you can start the tournament with a lot of bluffing, so your opponent to draw a lot, and you can win big pots when you have the cards in hand.
Ny or start calling only strong cards (AK, AQ, etc. above pairs). Later, you can add a bit of bluff with weaker hands, and now I think you have to have good cards (I recommend this)
4) Your position is critical and, in general, is good to use when you are in later position in the vicinity of the donor, because you have more information about their opponents.
5) Practice! Start free poker sites you get your skills in an environment that does not punish economic improvement.
6) Sometimes you can use the “semi-bluff”. In the semi-bluff bet he expects withdrew, but your card might be good enough to win the pot when the turn and river are good. This is the case, for example, if you have 4/5 storey, or the law 4/5, or in the rare case that you have ace-high.
See an example of a semi-bluff:
Have 9 and 10 of hearts and the flop comes Q-4-hearts, clubs and seven cores.
In this example, you have the best hand. Your opponent has 4 and 3 (worst card preflop), has a better chance of winning.
So you can try a semi-bluff, because you start 4 cores almost every bet and your opponent, think about what you have to do.
Just a couple, and very low. He thinks. “I have almost no chance of winning … just a couple of 4, it should certainly have the Q. .. or 7 … Uhm, let’s try the other hand,” and just fold.
And even if your opponent, the turn or river you have a heart for the chance to win.
The semi-bluff is also useful to limit losses.
For example, the situation is even more (9:00 to 10:00 a.m. the flop Qc-7c-4c), and decides to bet.
If your opponent is weak, you probably will. But if your opponent has the Q, if you can not live a little, you may bet a higher amount of chips when I can, and you’re not sure what to do.
Call at least 4/5 storey, or lie? However, to see the next card, you have to put in the pot of chips if you bet first.
When you call a small amount of your opponent’s chips and probably only “buy” another card with smaller chips.
How can you defend a bluff?
There are not many options. You can accept the challenge, or you can therefore fold.v is the bluff and semi-bluff is a very powerful weapon.

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